National Security Agency claims Linux Journal to be an Extremist Forum

According to the United States’ National Security Agency which is commonly known as NSA claimed and accused the Linux community website which is used by the several Linux users known as the ‘Linux Journal’ to be an ‘extremist forum’ under the XKeyscore Program which is held by the United States’ National Security Agency while the users of that Linux Journal is stated to be so called extremist according to a source.

The source code that was published by the ARD, German communal broadcaster recognized and acknowledged a minimum of two German ‘Tor Directory Authority servers,’ the one being located at the Berlin while the other is located at the Nuremberg are being kept under a close watch by the United States’ National Security Agency.

Project Tor is an independent and self regulatory, anonymous, open sourced software tool as well as browsing software which directs the traffic all the way through its free of charge, global, volunteer set of connections to cover up the locations usage of the users from the surveillance system.

According to the ARD report it is indicated that the Tor servers of the Germans are two of the rest of the servers that National Security Agency has kept its target on for supervision and observation under this XKeyscore program scheme. The codes refer to a particular group of ip addresses under the Tor Directory Authority which National Security Agency is keeping a close watch on.

The XKeyscore Program which is undertaken by the National Security Agency is a collection cum analysis application which was also one of the surveillance programs which was revealed in the documents that was leaked by Edward Snowden who was the previous NSA contractor as well as whistleblower in the last year. The source code of the XKeyscore regulations refer to the certain terms such as ‘Amnesiac Incogneto Live System’, or ‘TAILs’ along with either one of the abbreviations which are ‘USB’, ‘linux’, ‘secure desktop’, ‘CD’, ‘truecrypt’, ‘IRC’, and also ‘Tor’ which fall under the category of search items that will pinpoint the track and follow the IP address of the human being performing the search.

XKeyscore Program’s source code is published for the first time in this year which exposes not only the German confidential software clients but it also reveals the privacy software users all through the world, especially in the Australia, UK, the US, Canada and New Zealand, who are being followed and tracked by the National Security Agency.

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