Rackspace Relying On Openstack Support To Grow It’s Business

Rackspace is attempting to make a business out of supporting other clouds too. It’ll now bring the support of it’s to Red Hat OpenStack clouds.

OpenStack is an open source cloud framework and the attractiveness of it’s relies on that comprehensive adoption by many businesses. But that wide-ranging support also meant lots of confusion about exactly how compatible all these variations of OpenStack actually are.

Rackspace’s contention is because there are lots of customers that begin the OpenStack path down before recognizing that it is a good deal more difficult to set up and run than expected. Subsequently run and Rackspace can swoop in to configure that cloud for them either in their particular server rooms, in a third party data center, or on Rackspace gear.

Rackspace has since declared management and support services for Amazon Web Services and for Microsoft Azure public cloud.

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